Wednesday, December 4, 2019

World Scholars Cup free essay sample

Heistheauthorof a  bestselling  trilogy  of topographical U. S. travel writing. Blue Highways, which spent 42 weeks on the  New York Times  bestseller list in 1982–83, is a chronicle of a three-month-long road trip that Least Heat Moon took throughout the United States in 1978 after losing his teaching job and separating from his first wife. Experts categorize this book as travel literature. It is a travel book, for William traveled 13,000 miles, as much as possible on secondary roads (often drawn on  maps  in blue, especially in the old-style  Rand McNally road atlas) and tried to avoid cities. Living out of the back of his  van which has been named â€Å"Ghost Dancing†, he visited small towns such as  Nameless, Tennessee;  Hachita, New Mexico; and  Bagley, Minnesota  to find places in America untouched by  fast food  chains and  interstate highways. The book records encounters in roadside  cafes  as well as his search for something greater than himself. We will write a custom essay sample on World Scholars Cup or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page He describes places, converses with people, learns or reviews history. As may be expected, the places are common and strange, mundane and magical. Some are pleasing and peaceful; others evoke indignance in William, unpleasantness and judgment. Most of the people are kind, some of them are wise. Some are alive with vitality and hope, others ghosts or near ghosts. The events that caused him to put his usual life on hold, and take up this oddyssey, will strike a responsive chord for many readers who have ever wanted to stop the world and step back in time. His experiences, the people he meets, the conversations they enjoy, make for an extraordinary insight into America. His writing sings in the way that the old story tellers did weaving a web that captures and captivates you until you finish the book. And then you dont stop until youve read all of his books! (Wish hed write some more). I recommend this book highly for personal reading and for gifts. In the brief first chapter, Least-Heat Moon describes how, in the space of one day, he learns that his position as an English professor was terminated because of declining enrollment, and that the wife from whom he was separated had been seeing someone new.

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