Monday, February 24, 2020

Build International Client Relationship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Build International Client Relationship - Essay Example Client profile information can help the company to develop a suitable market segment from a detailed profile of customer purchasing behaviour and preferences. This information will assist an organisation to interact with its customers in the best possible way and work together effectively. For example, information about issues and concerns, performance, and future strategies can help a business in understanding customers’ characteristics and developing consumer profiles. Market research can be used to collect data to enhance consumer awareness and build long-term relationships. 3. List different modes of communication that could be used to communicate with international clients? Face-to-face Phone calls E-mail Fax Meetings Skype Conferences such as formal conferences and video conferences Customer audits and investigations 4. Discuss issues that would need to be considered when establishing the preferred mode of communication with international clients? The issues that busines ses need to consider when establishing a preferred mode of communication with international clients include: The length of time that a customer has been conducting business with the company Language barriers and the interpretation of different cultures Differences in perception as each person thinks differently and develops ideas in their own unique way The nature of the information and complexity needed to be managed in order to prevent conflict Misinterpretation of information may result in loss of sales and potential legal action Confidentiality is required in dealing with clients as their information should be kept private Technological availability is crucial because, if managed effectively, it can improve communication and make maintaining relationships with international clients easier Speed is an important factor in replying to clients' requests so as to respond in a timely manner and make the business friendly for clients Time differences between countries can cause difficu lties in communicating with clients Therefore, the company must check any potential time zone differences and respond at the appropriate times to respond to clients' requests. 5. Discuss record keeping strategies for communications with international clients? —Develop hard copies to keep clients' records in a secure and confidential place —Save copies of e-mail communication to make it easier to deal with clients —Database software should be used to keep clients’ information and profiles —Make a backup of the clients’ profiles in case of emergencies such as computer system breakdown —Schedule meeting appointments and reminders using Microsoft Outlook and other reminder applications. 6. Discuss strategies that could be implemented to facilitate regular communications with international clients? Businesses can organize special events such as product launch functions or an organisation anniversary as strategies to maintain regular commun ication with international clients. For example, businesses can send out invitations regularly by mail or e-mail to invite international clients to participate in business events and special functions. This strategy allows the business to be the client's first choice when its services are needed. Moreover, businesses need to

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